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Ihsan Magazine -  Meat Rendang is one of the typical recipes of Padang. Padang food cuisine is famous and favorite matches in the tongue of Indonesia, would not be surprised if in the various regions were encountered Padang food restaurant. You want to start a similar restaurant business? Let's try Rendang recipe this time and wait for the other recipes just in Inforesep Padang.

Rendang Recipe Ingredients

* 500 grams beef tenderloin, cut into approximately 12 sections widened
* 2 pieces of turmeric leaves
* Lime leaves 2 sheets
* 2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
* Deaf 1 piece
* Grated coconut 2 tablespoons toasted
* 1000-1500 ml coconut milk from 2 coconuts
* 2 tablespoons cooking oil

Subtle Seasonings Rendang recipe

* 10 grains of red onion
* 6 cloves garlic
* 150 grams red chili
* Cayenne pepper to taste
* Hazelnut 5 grains
* Cumin 1 / 2 teaspoon
* 1 teaspoon coriander
* Turmeric 1 / 2 cm
* 1 cm ginger
* Salt to taste

How To Make Rendang

1. Heat oil and sauté ground spices, turmeric leaf, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and deaf until fragrant.
2. Insert the meat, stir until it changes color.
3. Pour coconut milk and add the grated roasted coconut, cook over medium heat, stirring slowly to the boil.
4. Reduce heat, and cook until cooked meat, oily and brownish.
5. Pouring and serve.

For 15 pieces
Rendang is a dried meat curry. Actually the main ingredient
not only meat but there are also chicken, egg, seashell and fish.
Processing in accordance with the main ingredient was because the main ingredient
should at first and then dried curry. For chicken or
fish cooked in coconut milk of course, especially after a bit of new dry
its meat recall it included both fine fiber materials
and tdntu course if too long then it will be ruined meat.

one worried about the typical desert city is known for its rendang or
rendang padang. This dish is usually served at the event - the official pickles
such as: event, family gathering, thanksgiving, akikah children and
special food for the guests of honor. Currently rending is one
one dish that should be there on the day pertamabulan ramadhaan. By
Oran padang rendang foreword without a savory and spicy it will be felt
less enjoyable. So is the day of Eid with cheerfulness
keluargabelum feels incomplete if it does not taste processed rendang mother
good luck!!

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